Online Leadership School



The Broadbent Institute Online Leadership School provides a new generation of leaders the skills and tools for winning progressive campaigns. 

Training modules and webinars on advocacy and organizing include:

 ·      Developing campaign plans and strategy

·       Grassroots organizing, volunteer recruitment and team-building

·       Digital organizing: using online tools to support offline action

·       Developing strong and inclusive progressive organizations



Building a Volunteer Base: How to Organize the Grassroots to Win Campaigns and Causes


Webinar #1: Tuesday, October 18, 2016, Noon EST

How to Move People to Action: Why Grassroots Organizing?


Facilitator: Natalie Cone, Grassroots Associate at 270 Strategies

Duration: 90 minutes

What is grassroots organizing? What’s the value of grassroots organizing in campaigns? Where has it succeeded? This webinar will cover how to move people to action using grassroots organizing – whether it’s building an army of volunteers to take action, persuading others to support your cause, or making sure your people turn out to take action or vote for you on Election Day.

Topics will include grassroots empowerment, designing grassroots organizing programs, and challenges of running an organizing program. We’ll cover relevant case studies to illuminate the do’s and don’ts of grassroots organizing campaigns and potential impact it can have when done right. Participants will walk away with a rough sketch of a grassroots organizing program for their campaigns.



Webinar #2: Tuesday, November 15, 2016, Noon EST

Structuring Grassroots Engagement and Empowerment: How to Build Strong Volunteer Teams


Facilitator: David Berrios, Grassroots Senior Associate at 270 Strategies

Duration: 90 minutes

How do you structure grassroots engagement and empowerment in your organizing program or campaign? In this webinar, we’ll cover the snowflake model of organizing (also called the ‘team model’) and its value, the ladder of engagement, and identifying, recruiting, and training volunteer leaders. In doing so, we’ll discuss the best way to scale your campaign and build your lists.

Participants will walk away with a draft team model for their campaigns or a future campaign, as well as a rough plan to develop prospective volunteer leaders.




Webinar #3: Tuesday, December 13, 2016, Noon EST

Building a Volunteer Base: How to Organize the Grassroots to Win Campaigns and Causes

Facilitator: Marissa Wong, Training and Development Associate at 270 Strategiesmarrissa_wong.jpg

Duration: 90 minutes

How do you make sure you're not the only one stepping up to take action? This webinar is about recruiting, retaining, and empowering volunteers – the lifeblood of your grassroots organizing campaigns. Who should you recruit? What’s the best recruitment messaging online and offline? How do you build a culture of volunteerism so volunteers want to keep coming back to take action for your campaign?

Participants will walk away with a table of volunteer prospects and actions they can take in their campaigns, as well as a draft “hard ask”.

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