How would you invest $3 billion dollars to reduce inequality?

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Stephen Harper is slashing his way to balance the budget so he can deliver his $3 billion dollar Mad Men giveaway to Canada’s wealthiest families. 

The move to allow a fraction of families to split their income for tax purposes promises to increase income and gender inequality. Do you think there are better ways to invest this $3 billion? We do, too.

Send us a 300-400 word blog, or provide a multimedia submission such as a video or graphic that outlines what programs, services, or investments you think the Canadian government in which you think the Canadian government should invest $3 billion.

The winner will receive free registration to the Broadbent Institute’s inaugural Progress Summit in Ottawa (March 28 – 30, 2014) where they will be recognized with a prize.

Thank you for your submissions. This contest is now closed. We will be in touch with the winner shortly, who will be announced at the Progress Summit.