Manning Centre: Broadbent Institute program "the single greatest threat" to conservatism

Well, it looks like the Broadbent Institute is striking fear in the hearts of conservatives.

I'd say that's a job well done.

Take a look at this video we got our hands on from the 2014 Manning Centre Networking Conference back in March.

This is the preeminent annual gathering on the conservative calendar. Many of Canada's highest profile conservative politicians and foot soldiers come together at this event and plot out their strategies for the year.

The speaker's name in this video is Dimitri Pantazopoulos.

He's one of those high profile conservative players. He used to be the Manning Centre's manager for their “Municipal Governance Project,” a program aimed at getting conservative politicians elected onto city councils. Right now, he's the chief pollster and a top strategist for the Non-Partisan Association (the municipal conservative party) in Vancouver.

Dimitri says the Broadbent Institute has a training program that is “much more sophisticated than anyone on the conservative side.”


And he says the work we're doing is “the single greatest threat to small-c conservatism.”

Talk about a glowing endorsement of our work!

When the Broadbent Institute was founded three short years ago, our goal was to give progressives a rock-solid counterweight that would start hitting back against the Conservative spin machine and right-wing organizations like the Manning Centre.

Take it from Dimitri: the Broadbent Institute is delivering on that commitment.