Marie Della Mattia

Expertise: Campaign strategy, Communications, Electoral campaigns, Issue campaigns, Training

On Marie’s first job as a campaign volunteer, she spent two days silk-screening black and orange lawn signs on a neighbour’s driveway. It was 1972, and she was hooked.

Since then, she’s had key roles in more than 40 municipal, provincial and federal elections, and provided strategic counsel to 12 political party leaders and five premiers.

As a staffer to a Member of Parliament, chief of staff to a provincial cabinet minister and communications rep at a national union, her expertise shifted from ground-game organizing to communications. But she still maintains an affection for good voter data tools.

Marie became president and CEO of NOW Communications in 2009. There she led award-winning advertising campaigns that enhance clients’ brands, help secure better contracts for workers, fight the privatization of public services, and drive public policies that make life better for people.

Marie has provided strategic advice for seven New Democratic Party victories in four provinces. She’s hard at work now to make 2017 another win with John Horgan’s BC New Democrats.

Marie credits great mentors in her 25+ years of success in politics and communications, and she delights in paying it forward.

She has coached women activists, candidates, union leaders and political parties on campaigning and communications across Canada, and in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Marie has a BA in political science from Simon Fraser University.