Michael Penny

Originally from Regina, Saskatchewan, Michael Penny brings a unique and valuable skill set to the role Development Officer.

Michael earned his Masters of Public Administration from the University of Regina and a Bachelor of Laws from the University of New Brunswick. He brings years of service of professional experience in policy and market research data collection in the private sector.

Posts & Activities by Michael Penny

  • Canadians back NDP’s list of priorities for the new minority government


    On October 21, Canadians elected a Liberal minority government, creating the potential for the NDP to be a key player in parliament. Like all minority governments, cooperation across party lines is key, in order to fulfill policy commitments and deliver results on the issues voters care about most. Post-election, the Institute commissioned a survey conducted by Abacus Data on how Canadians feel about the cooperation that will be needed among parties and what the key priorities of this government should be, on matters of affordability. Here are the results: 

    When asked whether voters support the Liberal and NDP working together: 

    • 41% of Canadians say they support it, while a majority can accept it and are open to the idea. 

    • Nearly 70 per cent of Liberal voters state they support both parties working together in parliament

    The findings of the survey show that Canadians strongly support that the newly-elected minority government work to address the following priorities

    • Increase taxes on wealthy Canadians and closing tax loopholes

    • Expand healthcare to include a universal pharmacare program and a national dental care program

    • Immediate action to ensure Indigenous communities have clean drinking water, and access to healthcare and supports

    • Bold action on climate change

    • Reduce the cost of cellphone bills

    • Build half a million affordable homes

    As our newly-elected Liberal government prepares to lead our next parliament, it’s important to take note that Canadians want cooperation and they are looking to the NDP to help deliver solutions.

    Download Post-Election Cooperation Report

  • Progress Summit 2020

    March 26, 2020 at 5pm - March 29, 2020 at 5pm

  • The Affordability Equation

    Concerns about cost of living, wages, and affordability have been an important part of Canada’s political discourse for many years. But we felt something was happening. Canadians seem to be more anxious about the future and their ability to maintain a standard of living they expect.

    We also felt that many populist movements, both in Canada and abroad, have effectively tapped into this anxiousness and leveraged it for political gain often with a regressive, anti-immigration and anti-government tone.

    Together with the Broadbent Institute, we set out to explore how the public feels about the issue, what is driving their concerns, and what solutions they think might work.

    Our objective is to offer progressives in Canada insight into the broader issue and how to offer a progressive solution to the growing affordability crisis.

    Read the report here:


    Download The Afforadability Equation

  • Charting the Path to National Pharmacare in Canada

    National Pharmacare has been a topic of discussion in Canada for over half a century, yet we remain unique among the world’s high-income countries with universal health coverage in that we still do not include outpatient prescription drugs in our national benefit package. There is a growing sense that we will never be able to achieve the full potential of universal health coverage without national Pharmacare.

    Download: National Pharmacare in Canada Report

  • Progress Summit Thank You


    Thank you for registering for Progress Summit 2019. If you are travelling from out of town, please take advantage of the hotel discount offered by our partners.

    To book your room at the Westin at a discounted rate, please click right here now.  There are limited spaces available at these discounted rates. 

    To ensure that all your guest details are accurately forwarded to our registration desk and caterers, please ensure you have filled out the Summit Pass Registration Form for all guests prior to arrival.

  • Petition: Suspend Safe Third Country Agreement with the United States

    The Broadbent Institute is calling on the Prime Minister of Canada and his Government to Immediately condemn the recent cruel actions of the United States Government against immigrant families and suspend the Safe-Third-Country Agreement.


    Please read, sign, and share this petition:

    10,388 signatures

    Dear Prime Minister Trudeau and Minister Hussen,

    I am calling on you to honour our country’s longstanding commitment to human rights by suspending the Safe Third Country Agreement with the United States.

    U.S. President Donald Trump and his administration have imposed multiple inhumane and discriminatory changes to its refugee and immigration system. In early 2017, President Trump made an executive order for a travel ban on 7 Muslim-majority countries; leaving many stranded at ports of entry around the world. Then in late 2017, news broke that President Trump would end temporary protected status for thousands of individuals, many of them young people who’ve been in the United States for the majority of their lives. And now, the world is watching with despair and grave concern as families seeking asylum are being detained and children being forcibly separated from their parents.  The photographs of these thousands of children being held in cages have shocked the conscience of Canadians.

    The Safe Third Country Agreement holds that both Canada and the U.S are “safe” countries for those seeking asylum. Manifestly, the U.S. no longer meets this standard.  Countless refugee advocates including Amnesty International Canada and the Canadian Council for Refugees have called on Canada to recognize the ongoing inhumane treatment of asylum seekers in the U.S. by rescinding the Safe Third Country Agreement.

    As a signatory of the 1951 Refugee Convention, Canada has a legal and moral responsibility to provide asylum to those who seek it - including migrants at the Canada/U.S. border. Given the deteriorating situation in the U.S. we need to act immediately.  Please do what is right. Uphold and fulfill our international commitments and suspend the Safe Third Country Agreement with the United States now.

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  • Michael Penny



    613-688-2071 Ext.214

    Originally from Regina, Saskatchewan, Michael Penny has a passion to improve digital advocacy and innovation in progressive politics.

    Michael earned his Masters of Public Administration from the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy and a Bachelor of Laws from the University of New Brunswick. 

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  • Maeva Vilain


    Maeva Vilain is a city councillor in Jeanne Mance, one of the Plateau Mont-Royal districts in Montreal. Elected under the banner of Projet Montréal, she is on the team of Mayor Valérie Plante, who has been running the city since November 2017. Maeva sits on the Committee on Economic Development and Housing as well as that of the Inspector General.

    She was the political attaché to the NDP MP Alexandre Boulerice from 2011 to 2017. She worked on safeguarding Canada Post and electoral reform. She has also been a journalist for Radio-Canada International, specializing in international news and the integration of newcomers to Canada.

    Maeva was born and raised in Paris (France). She graduated from the Institute of Political Studies in Lille (France) and has a certificate in journalism from the University of Montreal. She immigrated to Montreal at the age of 23. She is the mother of two young children.

  • Peggy Nash


    Peggy Nash is a Distinguished Visiting Professor at Ryerson University, Faculties of Arts and Community Services, in the field of women’s advocacy and leadership.  A former NDP Member of Parliament from Toronto, she served as Official Opposition Critic in the portfolios of Finance and Industry. She also served as president of the federal NDP during the leadership of Jack Layton. Prior to her first election in 2006, she was a senior labour negotiator with UNIFOR, in the auto, transportation and service sectors.  She also pioneered initiatives to end gender-based violence, promote a national childcare program, and boost women’s political involvement.  She is a co-founder of the multi-partisan organization Equal Voice, and was a long-time executive committee member of the Canadian Labour Congress.  In 2009, she was named a YWCA Women’ of Distinction.  She is a frequent media commentator and an international speaker on the economy, women’s rights, and democratic engagement.

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  • Devon Crick



    613-688-2071 Ext.203


    Devon Crick is in love with social justice.

    He believes that there is nothing that we cannot accomplish if we work together towards a common goal.

    He believes that Social Democracy is worth believing in; that it is rooted in an important historical tradition of constant struggle, hope for a better tomorrow and a tireless sense of determination to create a better world for all us.

    He also happens to have a BA in Law (Hons) & over ten years of experience in fundraising and training for different non-profits, consultancies & associations.

    Some would say that he is a people person.

  • At a time when far-right conservative forces are gaining strength around the world and here at home, we must reinforce our progressive foundation with smart policy research that can take on the challenge.

    We need to develop and promote social democratic ideas, values and policies far and wide.  The Broadbent Institute’s Policy and Research work is vital now more than ever.  

    Your support for this fund will help ensure the continued growth and vitality of our ideas and the education of a new dynamic generation of leaders.

    Policy and Research funding makes our work taking on the right-wing think tanks possible. 

    Please make your contribution today.

    Thank you.