Michael Penny

Originally from Regina, Saskatchewan, Michael Penny brings a unique and valuable skill set to the role Development Officer.

Michael earned his Masters of Public Administration from the University of Regina and a Bachelor of Laws from the University of New Brunswick. He brings years of service of professional experience in policy and market research data collection in the private sector.

Posts & Activities by Michael Penny

  • Happy 80th Birthday Ed Broadbent!

    Sign Ed's Birthday Card

    We will hand deliver Ed's messages to him - help us make his 80th special.

    Ed has been working for a more inclusive, fair and just Canada for more than 50 years. On his 80th Birthday, let’s celebrate his life & accomplishments! 


  • Your Vote Would Have Counted With Electoral Reform

    There’s a problem with Canada’s outdated electoral system. It produces false majorities, exaggerates regional divisions and leaves huge numbers of voters without a voice in Parliament. The results of the recent federal election proves the point that our system is outdated and unfair: the Liberal Party is forming government with the lowest popular vote seen in Canadian history.

    The Broadbent Institute has led the fight for a proportional representation voting system an electoral system that is fair, representative, and engaging. Over the last 4 years, we have been exposing the Liberal government's broken promise to make the 2015 federal election the last one using our outdated first-past-the-vote system, and demanding they make good on their commitment to modernize our electoral system.

    We compared the popular vote with the results our first-past-the-post system produced for the 43rd Parliament. Many Canadians have once again been left without a voice in Ottawa. Here is what your vote would have looked like under a proportional voting system:

    It's time to replace first-past-the-post with a fair voting system based on a simple principle: the number of seats held by a party in the House of Commons closely matches their actual level of support throughout the country.

    Add your name to the growing list of Canadians asking that every voter counts in the next federal election with the only electoral system that can make it happen: proportional representation.

  • Help Justin Trudeau keep his promise!


    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised that the 2015 federal election was the last one using first-past-the-post.

    Justin Trudeau promised that a new voting system would ensure “every vote counts”. 

    Only a Proportional Representation voting system can honour this promise.

    Every donation we receive will be dedicated to promoting Proportional Representation - every donation will count.

    Together, we can win!



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    Note: Due to our political work, the Broadbent Institute is not a registered charity. We are unable to provide donors with charitable receipts.

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  • Towards a More Equal Canada


    This spring, we released powerful data confirming what so many already knew to be true: a majority of Canadians see income inequality as a "serious problem" and want to take part in government-led solutions to ending it. Our report created a lot of buzz.


    Download: Towards a More Equal Canada