Naveen Mehta


Human Rights, Immigration/Migration Policy, Labour & Employment Law, Organizational Diversity & Inclusion, Unions

As General Counsel to one of Canada’s largest private sector unions, Naveen provides a diverse range of preemptive and strategic legal advice for UFCW Canada's often complex and high profile legal and legislative issues, including litigation at the Courts of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada. 

In the area of Human Rights, Equity and Diversity (HRED) he guides national strategies on Diversity and Inclusion, Temporary Foreign Workers (migrant workers), Racialized, Aboriginal, Immigrant, LGBT, and other equity seeking communities, with a view to qualitative and quantitative organizational growth.  Naveen also designs and implements strategic workplace diversity and inclusion initiatives, and supports such growth and capacity building initiatives.

Naveen is regularly invited to speak to diverse audiences such as governments,  law schools, universities, NGOs, unions, and other organizations across Canada and the US and is often quoted in regional and national media.