Networked Change Webinar

We are thrilled to share with you an opportunity to learn more about the strategies and practices that lie behind today’s most successful advocacy campaigns, based on Networked Change in Canada, a groundbreaking report Broadbent Institute published earlier this year. The report, based on a U.S. study by authors Jason Mogus and Tom Liacas, features Canadian case studies of campaign innovations in this country.

This participatory webinar will provide a deep dive into the principles outlined in the report and into one of the Canadian case studies profiled in the report. Our goal is to share a model that can be learned and replicated by other campaigners for how to blend grassroots participation and organizing with disciplined central planning to win. The webinar is an opportunity for you to learn more about how to put these ideas into practice.


About the Presenters

Jason Mogus, NetChange

A digital pioneer for two decades, Jason Mogus is the principal strategist at NetChange Consulting (formerly Communicopia). He has led digital transformation projects and campaigns for some of the world’s most recognized social change organizations and movements. In 2012, he created the world’s first report on non-profit digital teams and in 2015 was named a fellow of the Broadbent Institute. His campaigns have won elections and Webby awards, raised millions of dollars, and transformed dozens of institutions, leaders and teams for the digital world.


Logan McIntosh, Leadnow

Logan joined Leadnow in the spring of 2012, organizing national days of action on climate, democracy and a fair economy. She managed Leadnow’s national organizing program in the lead up to the 2015 federal election. Using a digitally-enabled, narrative-based, distributed organizing model, Leadnow engaged over 5,000 volunteers who had over 50,000 live conversations. Logan loves working with the Leadnow community and is committed to exploring how it can use digital tools to scale the impact of its organizing program, bring new people into the political process, and deliver impact on critical campaigns. Logan is now based in Toronto, but also calls Edmonton and Vancouver home.



Maria Dobrinskaya, Broadbent Institute

Maria Dobrinskaya is the BC Director at the Broadbent Institute. A creative political strategist and effective communicator, Maria is committed to expanding the political arena and increasing the access and involvement we can all have with our governments. Maria brings over a dozen years of political experience to her work, having been involved in campaigns at all three levels of government, both in electoral and issue-based politics. Since 2012, Maria has led the board of Vancouver’s governing municipal party, Vision Vancouver. Prior to her role on the board, Maria served as a senior political aide to Gregor Robertson, both in his constituency office in Vancouver-Fairview when he served as the MLA for the area, and during his first term as Mayor of Vancouver. Before working in politics and government, Maria spent over a decade in Vancouver’s hospitality and tourism sector.

December 05, 2017 at 2:00pm - 2:45pm