New Deal for Young People


Today, Canadian youth face a future in which they are less likely than their parents to earn a decent wage, have a secure job, or own a home. Canada is failing on that most fundamental promise of offering greater opportunities to successive generations. Little wonder young people are frustrated with, and increasingly disengaged from, their democracy. They experience a political system that is disinterested in, and unresponsive to, their concerns, be they about affordable education, employment opportunities, or addressing climate change.

It’s time for Canada to offer a new deal to its young people.

The Millenium Dialogue Report

Canadian millennials have little confidence in politicians and are even more jaded than their American counterparts are about whether they care about young people's views or are interested in taking action on youth priorities, according to a pioneering comparative survey. Read the new Broadbent Institute report. Published in partnership with the Foundation for European... Read more

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Progress Summit: Towards a New Deal for Young People

Many fear that today's youth face a less hopeful future than their parents. But is the inter-generational angst warranted? The statistics are certainly sobering: youth unemployment is double the national average, and the crisis is even worse among Aboriginal young people. But the challenges run deeper than unemployment. This session... Read more

Time for a New Deal for Young People

A poll conducted for the Broadbent Institute shows deep unease with economic policies tilted more to the needs of corporations than citizens. The institute asked 983 Canadians aged 20-30 who are in the job market—millennials—and 1,064 people aged 50-65—boomers—who have at least one child aged 20 or older...   Download... Read more

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Towards a Youth Job Guarantee

We are urging the development of a bold Youth Job Guarantee that would ensure those under age 25 have access to a good job, paid internship, or training position within four months of leaving formal education or becoming unemployed. Read the summary of our proposal. Read more

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