New election video seizes on mood for change to get out the vote



OTTAWA — The Broadbent Institute today launched a digital campaign with the release of a new video to seize on the momentum for change as advance polls open.

Can’t Wait, a one-minute video produced in English and French by Pollinator Films, captures the excitement and urgency people are feeling as voting day approaches. In five vignettes, the video uses humour to grab people’s attention.

 “There’s a strong feeling in the country that it’s time for change and we wanted to capture this sense of urgency and excitement in a humorous way. The video does that in spades,” said Rick Smith, Executive Director of the Broadbent Institute.

“We can’t wait for change and know millions of Canadians are ready too. We have no doubt this video will motivate them to get out and vote,” added Smith.

Advance polls are open Friday through Monday in the lead-up to election day on October 19.

One of the Broadbent Institute’s area of focus is democratic renewal, and the video -- with a focus on reaching younger Canadians -- builds on work the Institute has done in the last year to engage Canada’s youth in the democratic process.

The Institute participated in the Millennial Dialogue Project, an initiative of the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS), based in Brussels, and Washington, DC-based Global Progress to engage with and better understand the priorities and values of young people.

The Institute also presented an important policy proposal for a youth jobs guarantee as part of its New Deal for Young People initiative.

Can’t wait is available at or


For more information, please contact Sarah Schmidt, Director of Communications, 613-857-2814 or sschmidt[at]broadbentinstitute[dot]ca.