Lack of action on tax loopholes missed opportunity to fight inequality



Ottawa – The federal budget missed an opportunity to recover up to $12 billion in tax revenue that could be invested in  needed health and social programs, contends the Broadbent Institute.

“Tax loopholes used mainly by the very wealthy are costing us billions every year,” stated Rick Smith, Executive Director of the Broadbent Institute. “A fairer tax system that sees these loopholes closed would help us fight the inequality that’s threatening many of our communities.”

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Electoral Reform - How We Vote



Recommendations from the Broadbent Institute on the 2018 Referendum

Democratic renewal is a key focus of the Institute. The upcoming referendum in British Columbia on proportional representation (PR) provides a historic opportunity to strengthen our democracy, improve representation, combat the growing alienation people feel from the political process, and renew public faith in our political institutions.

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Broadbent Institute welcomes the opportunity to make every vote count in British Columbia



Vancouver - The Broadbent Institute welcomes today’s announcement by the BC government outlining the process for citizen consultation on the upcoming electoral reform referendum. The Institute, Canada’s leading progressive, independent organization, recognizes the historic opportunity facing British Columbians to strengthen democracy through the introduction of a proportional representation system.

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Announcement of Inaugural Ellen Meiksins Wood Prize & Lecture


In January 2016, the Broadbent Institute lost our dear friend and inspiration Professor Ellen Meiksins Wood.

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A New Day in BC



After more than a decade and a half of a punitive, regressive government, British Columbians finally have a government committed to addressing inequality, strengthening public services, taking action on climate, and cleaning up the way our democracy works.

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A reality check on "Tax Freedom Day"




New report shows that the average family tax rate is half what the Fraser Institute claims

 OTTAWA - Every June, the Fraser Institute proclaims a "Tax Freedom Day" to make the misleading claims that the average Canadian family pays a tax rate of over 40 per cent and that Canadians face an ever growing tax burden. A new study conducted for the Broadbent Institute  by Richard Shillington and Robin Shaban entitled The Brass Tax: Busting Myths About Overtaxed Canadians, provides compelling evidence that the Fraser Institute’s findings are problematic and paint a deceptive picture of typical Canadian tax rates. 

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Statement on NDP-Green Agreement in BC



VANCOUVER — The Broadbent Institute welcomes today’s announcement by BC NDP Leader John Horgan and BC Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver of their agreement. The Institute, Canada’s leading progressive, independent organization, recognizes this historic opportunity for British Columbians to get the meaningful change that they voted for on the May 9th provincial election.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: New poll: Canadians support major progressive reforms; want Trudeau government to stand up to Trump; want greater economic equality



OTTAWA — Today, exclusive new polling from Stratcom, commissioned by the Broadbent Institute, looking at Canadian opinion on economic security and levels of support for progressive policy measures was presented to hundreds of attendees at the sold-out Progress Summit 2017: Change the Game. The Broadbent Institute commissioned Stratcom to research current political attitudes among Canadians on issues of inequality and economic security, and in relation to the Trump presidency.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Canada’s largest annual progressive policy conference kicks off with call to change the game



Ed Broadbent warns progressives of dangers of complacency in the face of rising hate

OTTAWA — Broadbent Institute founder Ed Broadbent kicked off on Thursday the country’s flagship progressive policy conference with a call to change the game.

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Response to Budget 2017: Crumbs for Canadians



Budget 2017 explicitly recognizes income inequality as a concern but does virtually nothing to solve the problem.  

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