Broadbent Institute brings first-ever Progress Summit to Vancouver



Progressives to chart a new path for BC at high-level event on Sept. 22 & 23

VANCOUVER — The Broadbent Institute, a national organization with offices in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, is convening progressives for the first-ever Progress Summit in BC on Sept. 22 & 23 in advance of the provincial election in the spring.

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Diverse coalition marks Democracy Day with call to make Canada’s electoral system truly fair and democratic



New video and digital campaign say it’s time to design made-in-Canada proportional representation

OTTAWA — It’s time to get on with designing a proportional electoral system suited to Canada, says a broad coalition representing the country’s leading women’s groups, the country’s largest unions, leading advocacy groups in Quebec, and organizations advocating for students and immigrants.

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Parliament must seize the day: now is the time to get on with proportional representation — Ed Broadbent



Parliament must seize the day: now is the time to get on with proportional representation — Ed Broadbent

OTTAWA — After many years of study and debate, Broadbent Institute Chair Ed Broadbent on Monday urged members of the special parliamentary committee on electoral reform (ERRE) to work together to seize the historic opportunity to develop a made-in-Canada proportional representation system.

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Ed Broadbent to Testify at Special Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reform



OTTAWA — Broadbent Institute chair Ed Broadbent will testify at the Special Committee on Electoral Reform (ERRE) on Monday, August 29, 2016, in Ottawa.

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Broadbent Institute launches state-of-the-art training program



OTTAWA—As part of its commitment to supporting the development of a new generation of Canadian campaigners, the Broadbent Institute is launching Camp Progress Plus -- a hands-on, intensive training and campaign placement opportunity for Canadian organizers and activists.

The program, offered in collaboration with 270 strategies, a firm founded by senior strategists from U.S. President Barack Obama’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns, involves a five-day intensive training retreat in September, during which participants will learn from the architects of President Obama’s presidential campaigns. Following the week-long training in Barrie, Ontario, the Broadbent Institute will place participants in volunteer leadership roles in Democratic election campaigns in the fall of 2016 or in a progressive campaign in Canada.

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Statement by Executive Director Rick Smith on special parliamentary committee on electoral reform




OTTAWA—The Broadbent Institute welcomes the announcement on Thursday by the Minister of Democratic Institutions to support the NDP motion to reconfigure the composition of the special parliamentary committee on electoral reform to reflect how Canadians voted in the 2015 federal election.

This is a very good development and we congratulate NDP critic for democratic reform Nathan Cullen for proposing the idea and Minister Maryam Monsef for agreeing to this important change. Every voter should count in a democracy, and it would have been simply unfair to deny the voices of Green and Bloc Québecois voters on the special electoral reform committee.

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Ed Broadbent to deliver keynote address at Fair Vote Canada conference



OTTAWA — Broadbent Institute chair Ed Broadbent will deliver a keynote address at the annual conference of Fair Vote Canada. He will also participate in a panel discussion with fellow keynote speakers Guy Giorno, Stephen Harper’s former chief of staff, and former Chief Electoral Officer at Elections Canada Jean-Pierre Kingsley.

The conference is being held just as a special parliamentary committee gets set to begin consultations on options to replace Canada’s first-past-the-post voting system. The Liberal government has promised the 2015 federal election was the last using the majoritarian system.

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Leading women’s organizations and advocates join campaign for proportional representation



Principle of proportionality most effective way to increase diversity in politics, say new supporters of Every Voter Counts Alliance

OTTAWA — A voting system based on the principle of proportionality is the most effective way to achieve greater diversity in Canadian politics, say new supporters of the Every Voter Counts Alliance committed to increasing the representation of women and visible minorities in the House of Commons.

Following the announcement of a parliamentary committee to study electoral reform with a special emphasis on gender equity and inclusiveness, a growing number of supporters have come on board the campaign for proportional representation. The government has committed to tabling legislation by next April to scrap Canada’s winner-take-all majoritarian system before the next federal election in 2019.

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Statement by Broadbent Institute Executive Director on electoral reform consultations



OTTAWA—The Broadbent Institute cares deeply about renewing Canada’s democracy and we welcome the launch of a special parliamentary committee to study new voting systems.

We know our current first-past-the-post system is broken. It creates false majorities, exacerbates regional divisions and produces legislatures that don’t reflect the diversity of our country. We have a chance to get this right and we must seize the opportunity.

This means making sure every voter counts. The only way to do that – as well as advance the key first principle identified by Minister of Democratic Institutions Maryam Monsef to underpin the new system – is a proportional system. It’s the only way to ensure that votes are fairly translated into elected results so the system is effective and legitimate.

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Broadbent Institute Executive Director Rick Smith available to comment on electoral reform consultations



OTTAWA—Executive Director Rick Smith is in Ottawa and available to comment on the federal government’s announcement Wednesday of the appointment of a special parliamentary committee to study alternate voting systems.

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