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In Case You Missed it: Pandemic Policy Ideas

Over the course of the pandemic, staff at the Broadbent Institute have been putting forth policy ideas and commentary on how best to support workers; build back a fair and...


Wage Repression, Inequality and Economic Stagnation

Lance Taylor and Ozlem Omer have published an important new book, Macroeconomic Inequality from Reagan to Trump. A non-technical summary can be found on the website of the Institute for...


From the Desk of Ed Broadbent: Holiday Message

Greetings Friends, It’s been a long year.


Employer paid sick days are needed now

The federal government’s Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit (CRSB) was always meant to be a temporary program to fill holes in workplace legislation. The time is right for implementing provincially-mandated, employer-paid...


Towards a Just Recovery

The Fall Economic Statement released yesterday is necessarily shaped by a high degree of uncertainty. Despite promising reports that we may have an effective vaccine against Covid-19 within months, the...

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A Statement from Ed Broadbent on the US Election

Well, it's the morning after. Like a great many Canadians, I spent yesterday with my mind restless and my gaze set firmly on voting in the U.S. This election has...


Deficit hawks’ blind spot on fair taxation and inequality

A recent C.D Howe report chastises the government’s commitment to implement national pharmacare and child care, while ignoring new fiscal tools at our disposal.


Report: Basic Income Guarantee

The speed and scale of job loss in the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown was unprecedented and disproportionately impacted low wage workers. This highlighted the fragility of our social safety net, especially...


Report: Medicare 2.0

As Canadians, we are rightly proud of our health care system. In 2004, the “Father of Medicare,” Saskatchewan politician and visionary Tommy Douglas, was crowned in a CBC poll as...


Report: Paying for the Recovery We Want

Within a few months, COVID-19 has imposed a global economic shock the like of which hasn’t been seen since the Great Depression. The particular nature of this crisis, a pandemic...