Social Democracy

Paying for the Recovery We Want

The pandemic has laid bare the deep cracks in our systems, from education and health to employment standards and income supports. We have been forced to face up to longstanding inequities and injustices that Indigenous people, women, Black people, and other racialized groups have borne for years. They have suffered some of the worst impacts of the virus.

The question is not whether we can afford it but how we will pay for it in a manner that is fair and equitable across social groups, regions, and generations.

This paper makes the case for a recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic that is fair and inclusive by investing in core social supports and improving our tax system by establishing more balanced and sensible public revenue policies.

Download the Paying for the Recovery We Want - Report

This report is part of our Essential Solutions Project, which brings together experts across multiple disciplines to generate innovative answers to the complex challenges we face right now, and chart a path towards a more equitable and resilient future for all of us.

Download Paying for the Recovery We Want -- Report