What is Power?

What is Power? Lessons and Exercises (3 of 4)

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So far, this module has looked at:

  • Theories behind what power is, who has it, and what people-powered change means

  • Stories of people building people-power in their communities

This final section offers key lessons and reflection exercises to help you build people-power in your own community.


Key Lessons


  • We need power to get what we need.
  • Each individual has power within themselves. Collective action taps it.
  • The essence of organizing is people learning how to help themselves.
  • Never underestimate the power of collective action and organizing.


  • Leadership that grows from the community builds trust & moves people to action.
  • Real-life stories told by people affected show the urgent need for change & are an organizing resource.


  • Gather the people most affected to identify shared problems & solutions.
  • Collectively determine demands for policy change.
  • Map and connect with decision-makers & those who influence them.
  • Know and...