Electoral Reform Petition


We need your help to ensure that the Liberal government honours its commitment to make the 2015 federal election the last one using our outdated first-past-the-vote system.

Add your name to the growing list of Canadians asking that every voter counts in the next federal election with the only electoral system that can make it happen: proportional representation.


Dear Prime Minister Trudeau and Minister Monsef,

During the 2015 election, under Canada’s winner-take-all electoral system, nine million votes were wasted. It is clear to me that as a country, we have a problem with our electoral system: it produces false majorities, exaggerates regional divisions and leaves huge numbers of voters without a voice in Parliament.

It is time for change. Canada needs a fair voting system in which every voter counts.

That is why I am urging you to honour your commitment to make the 2015 federal election the last one using the outdated first-past-the-post voting system. But let’s not get this wrong or make our unfair system even worse.

Let's replace it with a fair voting system based on a simple principle: the number of seats held by a party in the House of Commons closely matches their actual level of support throughout the country. A system that provides a way for Canadians to choose a local representative and see their political views represented in Parliament with equal and effective votes for all. Only one electoral system does that: proportional representation. 

Please ensure that every voter counts in the next federal election. Please bring in proportional representation.

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