Quebecers underestimate the extent of wealth inequality



MONTREAL— Quebecers greatly underestimate the wealth gap in Quebec and would prefer a much more balanced distribution of wealth. These findings are the key takeaways from the first nationwide survey that asked Canadians from all provinces how they think wealth is distributed and what they think would be the ideal distribution.

In a video released today, the Institut du Nouveau Monde (INM) and the Broadbent Institute are highlighting Quebec-specific results for the first time, drawn from a recent Broadbent Institute nationwide survey.

"There is a large gap between the reality and what Quebecers see as the ideal. Though they wish the top 20% hold 30% of wealth, the richest 20% actually hold close to 70% of wealth -- more than double what Quebeckers are hoping for," explains Nicolas Zorn, Policy Analyst at the INM.

"We are very glad to team up with the INM to release this video, which outlines Quebecers' perceptions of wealth inequality and shows the gap between reality and what is thought to be the ideal distribution of wealth in Quebec. This video is a stark reminder for governments that Quebecers would like to see them fight inequality," explains Rick Smith, Executive Director at the Broadbent Institute.

With the new video, the two organizations are launching a digital awareness campaign, urging federal parties to prioritise reducing inequality and to consider the impact of their policies on the wealth gap. In addition to the video, the INM is releasing online a publication focusing on inequality, the result of three years of research and consultations with experts and citizens. It provides an overview of the situation in Quebec, examines long-standing myths and outlines possible avenues to reduce inequality.

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