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Meet the Broadbent Fellows


Though it’s true that political and policy debates can get wild and woolly, here at the Broadbent Institute we believe that always grounding arguments in the best available facts is of paramount importance.

So it’s with considerable pride that today the Institute unveils the Broadbent Fellows — a diverse, multidisciplinary group of distinguished scholars, policy experts, and leaders from Canadian civil society who will inform the Institute’s research and policy agenda.  Fellows will contribute their expertise to further our efforts to impact public debate in support of progressive change and create innovative approaches to making our country a better, more prosperous, place for all Canadians. 

Broadbent Fellows work across diverse fields: Aboriginal issues, climate science, economics, ecology, health policy, political economy, political science, race and gender studies, and more.  They will provide advice and counsel on our strategic research directions and campaigns.  They will also provide the Institute with the capacity and expertise to respond to ill-considered policy ideas with timely and cogent critiques.

The launch of the Broadbent Fellows takes place amidst a lot of exciting happenings at the Institute.  We recently revamped our website, expanded our mandate and launched an online home for our new training and leadership program.  Stay tuned as we roll out even more new initiatives in the weeks and months ahead.

This past June, political commentator Lawrence Martin lamented the retreat of Canadian scholars from active engagement in critical national political matters.  He suggested they were absent in vociferously taking the government to account at a time when Canada’s democratic institutions are being eroded. 

We agree that Canada's brightest minds have a central role to play in national political debates.  And we look forward to the Broadbent Institute becoming an important vehicle and venue for amplifying the ideas of our Fellows in support of this aim.

Meet the Broadbent Fellows today: