Stand up for the working-class.

We have it harder than ever as the powerful try to take our rights away at every turn. We’re in a moment of crisis.

The cost of living is soaring out of control, while wages stay the same, leaving workers with less and less pay every day while bosses rake in record profits. Real, good-paying jobs are harder to come by, with precarious work often being the only option. While the price of everything goes up, the price of work isn’t catching up.

We can’t be sitting on the sidelines—now’s the time to stand up for our rights. The first step in tackling these big ideas is standing together as workers. If we can build momentum together, we can accomplish so much. Bill 28 was a wake-up call in Ontario. It was only defeated because workers there took a stand for workers' right to strike. But this won't be the last time a conservative government tries to strip away our rights and our power.

We need to push back with our movement. Will you add your name and stand with the working-class?


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