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Tax The Rich

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As Canada takes stock of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no returning to the way things were. Too many have gotten sick and died. Too many have lost jobs, homes, and futures. The inequality that already existed meant the virus hurt those already struggling, while those at the top continue to do just fine.

The gap between the rich and everyone else is wider than ever. It’s time for them to give some money back so that we can build a future for everyone. Canada can start by putting in place a tax on extreme wealth and on excessive profits made by large corporations during the pandemic. We also need to immediately close tax loopholes that allow wealth to be hoarded by the one percent.

Let’s invest in taking care of each other. Let’s provide better healthcare, education for everyone, a just and clean economy, end systemic racism, and make sure everyone has a safe place to live and grow.

There has never been a better or more important time to Tax the Rich.

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Take Action