Trevor McKenzie-Smith

Expertise: Campaign strategy, Data management, Political geography, Voter contact

Trevor McKenzie-Smith has fifteen years of experience as a campaigner. He has worked in dozens of campaigns across Canada and organizes municipal campaigns for progressive candidates as well. He has organized issues-based, mobilization and referenda campaigns for unions, non-profit organizations, and the student movement. Trevor has a master’s degree in Electoral Geography from the University of Toronto, specializing in demographics and spatial analysis, geographic information systems (GIS), and various forms of data analysis. He spends his time working from Saskatchewan for various groups across the country on special projects related to his political and academic backgrounds.

Posts & Activities by Trevor McKenzie-Smith

  • How the (Un)Fair Elections Act would play out on the ground


    The perception that a Conservative party agenda is written into the so-called ‘Fair Elections Act’ has the national media and pundits talking. And for good reason. In light of recent Conservative run-ins with Elections Canada and the RCMP, the skepticism towards the changes to the powers of the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) and the Commissioner of Elections Canada are understandable

    While the media focus on these elements of the Act is warranted, there are other aspects of the bill that are equally troubling because of their potential effects on local campaigns in Electoral Districts (EDs) across the country.

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