Lift the Floor: Would a Universal Basic Income guarantee a good life for all Canadians?

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Armine Yalnizyan - Universal Basic Income

Simon Black - Universal Basic Income





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Here are some resources:

  1. Why we need a practical approach in the basic income debate - Andrew Jackson

  2. Progressives and the Guaranteed Income Debate -  Jonathan Sas 

  3. The case for progressive employment insurance reform - Andrew Jackson 

  4. Redistribution through a basic income - Armine Yalnizyan

  5. Basic income? How about basic services? - Armine Yalnizyan 

  6. Basic Income Primer- Basic Income Network 

  7. CERB is an unintended experiment in basic income - Evelyn L. Forget And Hugh Segal

  8. Welfare isn't Broken so it won't be fixed - Simon Black

  9. Lessons from the basic income pilot- Michael Mendelson

  10. Would a universal basic income reduce poverty? Noah Zon

  11. Possibilities and Prospects: The Debate Over a Guaranteed Income - Margot Young & James P. Mulvale (CCPA)

  12. Basic Income: Some Policy Options for Canada - Basic Income Network 

  13. Alaska’s universal basic income problem

  14. Universal Basic Income: A Union’s perspective - New Economics Foundation 

  15. Exploring Universal Basic Income : A Guide to Navigating Concepts, Evidence, and Practices - World Bank 

  16. 'Basic Income' or 'Bait and Switch'? - Maytree Foundation/ Caledon Institute for Public Policy  

  17. Lessons from Ontario’s Basic Income Pilot - Michael Mendelson 

  18. Universal basic income doesn’t work. Let’s boost the public realm instead - Anna Coote

  19. Debating Basic Income - Catalyst 

  20. Considerations For Basic Income As A Covid-19 Response - David Green, Jonathan Rhys Kesselman and Lindsay Tedds (School of Public Policy)



       Simon Black                Armine Yalnizyan

May 14, 2020 at 1:00pm - 2pm