John Myles

John Myles is emeritus professor of sociology and senior fellow at the School of Public Policy and Governance, University of Toronto. Until 2011, he was Canada Research Chair in the Social Foundations of Public Policy.

He has written widely on the comparative politics of the welfare state and on topics related to income inequality and poverty in Canada. His most recent book, Income Inequality and the Fading Politics of Redistribution (UBC Press 2013) is co-edited with Keith Banting.


John Myles est professeur émérite de la sociologie à l'Université de Toronto.

Une biographie sera bientôt disponible.

Posts & Activities by John Myles

  • Evidence and decision-making: bend it like Harper


    The Broadbent Institute is pleased to present the second in a series of blog posts by a range of Canadian academics and thought leaders critiquing the record of the Conservative government. Read the first post here

    Ideologues don’t like evidence. They know what the problem is and what to do about it.

    Perhaps the most egregious example of this under Stephen Harper concerns the evidence about declining crime rates and the government’s insistence on the necessity of introducing harsher sentencing criteria as part of the much-derided Bill C-10 omnibus crime bill. 

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