Close the Filthy Five

The Broadbent Institute is calling for a crackdown on tax loopholes and offshore tax havens used by corporations and the wealthiest Canadians. 

As life becomes more unaffordable for most of us, big corporations and the country's most wealthy have been making off like bandits thanks to massive tax loopholes and offshore tax havens. 

It's time we made life more affordable for all of us by making sure those at the top are paying their fair share – it's time we close the Filthy Five tax loopholes and offshore tax havens.

Add your name and join the Institute's call to close the Filthy Five. 

The Filthy Five Tax Loopholes:

1. Employee Stock Option loophole

2. Partial Inclusion of Capital Gains loophole

3. Business Entertainment Expense loophole

4. Dividend Gross-up and Tax Credit loophole

5. Offshore Tax Havens


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