Celebrating 10 years of Fighting for Social Democratic Values


This year is the 10th anniversary of the Broadbent Institute. Ten years of fighting for progress. Ten years of fighting for Indigenous rights and racial justice, decent wages for all, pharmacare, tax fairness, economic equality, climate action and a just transition.

When Ed Broadbent envisioned what a progressive organization like this could be, he wanted to create an answer to an already established conservative movement, to seed hope that a better world could exist. For the past 10 years, we have worked to fulfill that vision.

Since launching in 2011, we have achieved many things. We launched an independent and progressive media outlet - PressProgress, which has become an investigative force, breaking national news stories and holding unscrupulous characters to account. Every year we’ve convened global leaders and thinkers like Marianna Mazzucato, Jagmeet Singh, Julia Gillard, Anand Giriharadas at our annual Progress Summits and Galas.

We have published landmark reports on issues such as basic income, economic racism, transitioning to a green economy, pharmacare, electoral reform, and the need for a wealth tax in Canada. In 2020 alone we published over 70 reports and blogs that address issues currently on top of Canadians’ minds, and offer solutions.

This year, we’ve also taken our Training and Leadership program to the next level. We look forward to sharing the tools and skills necessary to help progressives win.

Change is a constant work in progress. While we’ve accomplished much and moved the needle on many issues, more work needs to be done. This year, we codified our social democratic values into the six Broadbent Principles, to guide our ongoing efforts for progressive change.Canada needs to do more on justice for Indigenous Peoples and people of colour. We need thorough electoral reform. Widening inequality needs to be tackled. A just transition. Pharmacare. And post COVID-19, a bold new recovery that leaves no one behind.

As we celebrate 10 years of existence, we remain committed to creating a better future. We will continue the fight for equality, a green economy, democratic renewal, and social democracy by encouraging progressive policy ideas, convening thought leaders, publishing high-impact and original stories under PressProgress, and building progressive leadership.

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