Our Ideas

In support of our mission to champion progressive change, the Broadbent Institute publishes original research and promotes new ideas, policies, and tools. Our current work focuses on the following interconnected issue areas:

Income Inequality

Economic inequality, the uneven distribution of income and wealth, is one of the critical challenges of our time. The surge in inequality in Canada took off in the 1990s and remains high today.

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Democratic Renewal

To reverse the hollowing out of democracy, Canada must restore faith in the system and renew public engagement in the political process.

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Green Economy

Climate change, deforestation, water contamination, cancer-causing toxins, ecosystem decline: Canadians are rightly concerned about the daunting environmental challenges that threaten our long-term health and prosperity.

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Social Democracy

Social democracy is an array of social movements promoting equality and recognition of differences, including feminism, anti-racism, the environmental movement and struggles for the recognition of disability rights and Indigenous rights.

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