MARCH 27-29

This coming spring we’ll be reconvening in Ottawa to bring together some of the world’s best policy-makers, elected officials, movement- builders and thought leaders to take our stage on the issues that will shape a progressive Canada through the 2019 Election, and answer this question: How can we demand more from government, expect better of our politicians, and deliver on the democracy Canadians believe in?

Progress Summit 2019 will facilitate the deep discussions we need to have in the lead up to the next federal election; building stronger communities, developing better policy ideas, staunchly rejecting the far-right, and more resolved than ever to make Canada a truly progressive country.


Help us build an amazing event. Download the sponsorship package for information about ways you can contribute to the public policy debate in Canada.

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Themes at this year's Summit

  • Movement activists on their fights to change the game
  • The future of Canadian social democracy
  • Countering the global rise of the right
  • Economics for sustainable and inclusive growth
  • Lessons from progressive wins at the municipal level
  • Big ideas to improve healthcare for all Canadians
  • Leadership and movement building
  • Lessons from cutting edge campaigns


Progress Summit 2018