Educating Ontario Students During Covid-19


On March 31st, Phase 2 of Ontario’s “Learn at Home” program was announced in response to COVID-19 school closures. The announcement has resulted in inconsistency in communication to parents and to teachers, who are tasked with supporting two million students with a diverse range of learning needs and inconsistent access to resources and support at home.

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COVID-19 Emergency Benefits: Who's included, who's left out and the role of provinces

Applications for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) were opened on Monday, April 6th, and officials have estimated that up to 4 million people may apply for the emergency support. Since March 15th, more than 2 million workers had already applied for Employment Insurance (EI) benefits. Thanks to the hard work of countless federal public servants working in Service Canada and the Canada Revenue Agency, some EI applicants are already receiving CERB-like benefits and GST credits are now expected to arrive by mid-April. Yet the question still remains whether these programs provide sufficient support for all of those in need.

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A Tribute to Mel Watkins

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Mel Watkins is dead and Canada is the poorer for it.

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Remembering Mel Watkins



On April 2nd, political economist and giant of the Canadian left, Mel Watkins, passed away.

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