Special Projects

Big Data and Criminal Justice – What Canadians Need to Know

Every Google search, credit card purchase, social media interaction, and doctor’s visit leave traces of information about you, where you’ve been, who you’ve interacted with, and what you like. What’s more, advertisers, data brokers, and government agencies can collect and analyze the digital breadcrumbs you leave behind as you go... Read more

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Change the game

How can we win the fight against today’s toxic politics? The Broadbent Institute invites you to join us in rethinking and renewing social democracy to take on this challenge. Our Project, Change the Game, takes a critical look at the history of social democracy in Canada, with the intention of... Read more

5 Years of Progress

Your Vote Should Count

Canadians have a problem with our electoral system: it produces false majorities, exaggerates regional divisions and leaves huge numbers of voters without a voice in Parliament. It is time for change. Canada needs a fair voting system in which every vote counts. The Broadbent Institute is leading the fight for a proportional... Read more

New Deal for Young People

Today, Canadian youth face a future in which they are less likely than their parents to earn a decent wage, have a secure job, or own a home. Canada is failing on that most fundamental promise of offering greater opportunities to successive generations. Little wonder young people are frustrated with,... Read more

Dear Jack

In the summer of 2012, the Broadbent Institute spearheaded a social media initiative to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the death of Jack Layton. The campaign encouraged Canadians to share how Jack Layton’s parting message of love, hope, and optimism lives on. Thousands of expressions in words, pictures, and video... Read more