Charting the path to National Pharmacare in Canada

National Pharmacare has been a topic of discussion in Canada for over half a century, yet we remain unique
among the world’s high-income countries with universal health coverage in that we still do not include outpatient prescription drugs in our national benefit package. There is a growing sense that we will never be able to achieve the full potential of universal health coverage without national Pharmacare.

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Are Canadians overtaxed? The equation is complicated



This blogpost originally appeared in the Globe and Mail. 

Partly fuelled by reports from conservative think-tanks such as the Fraser Institute, many Canadians believe that they are taxed far too heavily and that the tax “burden” has been rising over time. Recently published Statistics Canada data show, in fact, that most individual Canadians pay very low effective rates of personal income tax, and that the tax “burden” has been falling.

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Making progress in tough times: Lessons from 2018

In October, I had a moment with my eldest son that really brought home to me the angst that many progressive people were feeling throughout 2018.

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“Between Two Joints, You Could Get Up and Do Something”*

*Editor’s note: the original quote (“ent’deux joints tu pourrais faire qu’qu’chose, ent’deux joints tu pourrais t’grouiller l’cul”) is the refrain of a popular 1973 Robert Charlebois song, lyrics by Pierre Bourgault, entitled “Entr’ deux joints”.

According to Statistics Canada, the illegal cannabis industry was already generating 5.6 billion dollars in profits in 2017 and each Canadian was rolling the equivalent of 20 g of cannabis.

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