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A Statement from Ed Broadbent on the US Election

Well, it's the morning after. Like a great many Canadians, I spent yesterday with my mind restless and my gaze set firmly on voting in the U.S. This election has been a source of great hope and grave concern over the past few months. We’ve seen some of the worst incendiary hate-filled politics in a generation. But, we have also seen a massive upswell of progressive movements and ideas that have taken the country by storm.  Racial justice, climate justice, closing the wealth and income gap aren’t just concepts. They now come with specific, well-documented and widely supported policy solutions that are taking centre stage in the political and popular discourse, both inside and outside of the U.S.

We don’t know the final results yet, and we may not know until later this week or even longer. In the interim, let us each work to help our friends, family members, colleagues and neighbours stay safe and well during what could be a difficult time. We must hope that the millions mobilized against the viciousness of President Trump and for a decent progressive government win out. We stand in solidarity with them.