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  • An emboldened and increasingly dangerous far-right, fly-by-night social media groups spreading disinformation, and the scariest people in this new extreme movement, are the people behind the scenes.

    This new threat to our Canadian social cohesion will have a direct impact on our future elections and the types of policies and campaigns political parties put forward. It is imperative that progressive Canadians reject this trend and stand up to be counted.

    A monthly contribution will ensure we can develop and promote new progressive policy ideas, protect our hard fought victories, and fight far-right political influence.



  • The Power Lab - Strengthening local organizing for fair economies

    Introducing the Power Lab, led by Broadbent Institute’s Director of Leadership & Training, Alejandra Bravo.

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  • Building worker power to shape a better future for Canada



    This Labour Day solidarity takes on a renewed importance and our work as progressives acquires a new urgency. Over the summer, white nationalist and racist right-wing mobilizing turned deadly in Charlottesville, Virginia as the ideology of hate grows increasingly visible across North America. Here in Canada, that same ideology led to the massacre of six men at prayer in a Quebec City mosque at the hands of an Islamophobe.

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