Camp Progress Practicum


As part of our commitment to supporting the development of a new generation of Canadian leaders, Camp Progress Practicum was a new hands-on, intensive training opportunity for Canadian campaigners, organizers, and activists.

The Camp Progress Practicum was the Canadian component of 270 Strategies' 270///360 Training Intensive. Through its partnership with 270 Strategies, the Broadbent Institute is able to cover nearly all the costs for this incredible program for a limited number of participants from Canada.

The Practicum included a five-day intensive training on grassroots campaigns, where Canadian participants joined campaigners from around the world in Chicago to learn from the architects of the 2008 and 2012 Obama campaigns as well as other prominent campaign strategists, activists, and thought leaders. Next, participants spent five weeks practicing their campaign and organizing skills immersed in Democratic midterm election campaigns during the all-important get-out-the-vote phase.

This training was designed to give organizers experience in state-of-the-art U.S. campaigning and learn how to build strong teams of volunteers; use the press to help your cause; amplify your digital efforts; and develop data and analytics skills to make sure your voters come to the polls on Election Day.

Participants soak up the experience, dive headfirst into the work, and embrace the collision of ideas and best practices learned on the campaign trail as an opportunity for learning and innovation. 

270///360 is a valuable opportunity for progressives around the world to not only train in but actually apply the people-centered, data-driven approach to campaigns pioneered by the 270 Strategies team. The work we have done with 270 Strategies in Canada over the last year has helped advance progressive causes here and set up winning campaigns. But the reality is that there is a need for progressive campaigners to access a more intensive, hand-on approach that includes both a training and a guided immersion in a campaign. The 270///360 training will give participants the opportunity to practice and deepen their skills with practical and hands-on experience they can’t get in Canada. That's why we have been working with 270 Strategies to provide access for emerging Canadian leaders to this valuable training opportunity. As progressives, we’re excited to be able to participate in 270///360.

The application deadline has passed. Thank you for your interest.

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Photo: moniquewingard. Used under a Creative Commons BY 2.0 licence.

About the Instructor/Host

270 Strategies is a consulting firm headed by Mitch Stewart and Jeremy Bird, key campaign leaders in President Obama's historic campaigns in 2008 and 2012. 270 helps organizations build winning campaigns that integrate people-centered, grassroots organizing with smart digital strategies and a data driven approach.

Using the lessons learned from years leading the Obama organization, 270 is helping the Broadbent Institute design innovative training programs, and put progressive ideas into action. 270 Strategies was born of the basic belief that grassroots campaigns can change the world, and they are working with the Broadbent Institute to develop training programs that will support successful progressive campaigns in Canada.

September 29, 2014 at 8:00am - 11am