Canadian Resources on Defunding/Divesting from Police



As a follow-up to a blogpost by Co-Founder of Black Lives Matter Toronto Sandy Hudson on policy options for defunding the police and creating alternative services of safety and support, we've put together a resource list of further background information on the subject of divesting from the police and reinvesting in communities:


  1. CBC's Front Burner: Defunding police: what it means and how it could work
  2. CBC's The Current: June 9, 2020
  3. Now Magazine's Now What: The Case for Defunding the Police, Explained
  4. CBC's Party Lines: Who feels served and protected?
  5. Sandy and Nora: Abolish the police
  6. Toronto Star's This Matters: Desmond Cole and the case for defending the police
  7. Bad and Bitchy: Episode 92


  1. TVO's The Agenda: The fight to end anti-Black racism (featuring Kike Ojo, Akwasi Owusu-Bempah, Sandy Hudson & Roger Dundas)
  2. TVO's The Agenda: What does defunding the police really mean (featuring, Akwasi Owusu-Bempah, Lori Anne Thomas, Michael Bryant)
  3. The Broadbent Institute Progress Summit: Policing Black Lives, Robyn Maynard
  4. TED x Talks: Skin I'm In: Policing, Injustice & Youth Defiance | Scot Wortley & Akwasi Owusu-Bempah 


  1. Excessive Force: Toronto's Fight to Reform City Policing - Alok Mukherjee with Tim Harper (Book)
  2. Policing Black Lives - Robyn Maynard (Book)
  3. Policy Options for Defunding the Police & Creating Alternative Services of Safety and Support - Sandy Hudson (Policy guide, Broadbent Institute) 
  4. Divest from Police, Invest in Communities - Anthony Morgan (Policy commentary, Broadbent Institute)
  5. Are we ready to talk about defunding the police? - Alok Mukherjee (Opinion, Globe and Mail)
  6. Defunding The Police Will Save Black And Indigenous Lives In Canada - Sandy Hudson (Opinion, Huffington Post)
  7. For Black people calling the police can be dangerous. It’s time we had another option - Angelyn Francis (Opinion, Toronto Star)
  8. Defund Police? Dismantle Them? What Then? - Crawford Kilian (Analysis, The Tyee)
  9. Do I believe we can have a police-free future in our lifetime? Absolutely”: Policing expert Robyn Maynard (Q&A, Toronto Life)
  10. Op-ed: In Defunding The Police, We Cannot Forget Black Womxn (Samantha Peters and Danait Mehreteab, Anti-hate Network)
  11. Before you "defund" the police (Open letter to Toronto City Council) - Zero Gun Violence 
  12. Abolish The Police: The Financial Cost Of Law Enforcement In Prairie Cities (Emily Riddle, Yellowhead Institute)


  1. CTV: What defunding the police could look like in Canada's largest city