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Broadbent Institute Announces Clement Nocos as Director of Policy and Engagement

The Broadbent Institute is pleased to announce Clement Nocos as the organization’s new director of policy and engagement.

Clement Nocos (he/him/il/lui) is the Broadbent Institute’s director of policy and stakeholder relations, working with the Broadbent Fellows network to build policy agendas that support progressive change.

Before joining the Institute, Clem was a policy analyst for the federal government and has previous experience in international affairs and community advocacy with Horizon Ottawa. As a political economist, he is interested in how varied institutional arrangements between states and markets produce different social, economic, and political outcomes. Clem’s writing and analysis have previously appeared in GQ, The Globe and Mail, and Canadian Dimension. He will assume the role on March 28.

On the appointment of Nocos and the new director of policy and engagement, executive director Jen Hassum says “I’m pleased and excited to welcome Clement to the Broadbent Institute team. He brings experience as a government policy analyst in parliamentary affairs, but also expertise in the use of public policy in community campaigning. His perspectives as a progressive political economist will help the Institute further social democratic analysis and create real change.”

On taking on the role, Nocos says, “I’m honoured to step into this role at the Broadbent Institute. The work the Institute takes on is important and inspiring, and I’m proud to have the chance to contribute to it. I look forward to working with the staff, board, and fellows at the Institute to build a more equal society”