Fight For Better

Dear friends and supporters,

Earlier this year, we announced our 2019 Fight Back Campaign which is aimed at defending Canada against the rising tide of increasingly extreme, right-wing conservatism.

Over the last few months, we’ve been successful in our efforts to uncover the truth of conservative policies that damage our social safety net, corrode our public services, destroy our environment and give tax breaks to the wealthiest Canadians. 

But we know we can’t just fight back.  We need to fight for what we want!

Over the next few weeks the Broadbent Institute will be spotlighting smart policy choices our governments could make - progressive choices that will make life better for everyone.

I’m writing to encourage you and your team to help us spread the word  by sharing our work with your members, friends, colleagues, family, and through social media.

The labour movement has always been on the forefront of fighting for better workplaces and better lives, that’s the approach we want to take over the next few weeks as Canadians decide the kind of government they want.

For too long Canada’s governments have been chipping away at our progress - we must stand up and push back. Let’s work together to remind Canadians that we need to fight for what we want, not just to save what we have left.

Here’s the 6 bold proposals I’m hoping you will help us share and discuss with Canadians:

  1. Closing Canada’s Filthy Five Tax Loopholes
  2. Pharmacare for All 
  3. A Green New Deal and Good Jobs - sustaining the environment and the economy for future generations
  4. Investing in Infrastructure Now
  5. Democracy for Canada’s Youth
  6. Living up to Truth & Reconciliation 

Thanks for your ongoing support. And thank you for contributing to our Fight Back campaign.  I hope you will be able to help us in getting these ideas out to your audience.

And please feel free to get in touch!  I’m always interested in ideas as to how we can work more closely together. 

I should also note, PressProgress will continue its important work to tell the stories the mainstream media won’t.  So please stay tuned.


In Solidarity,

Rick Smith, Executive Director

P.S.  Donations can still be made toward this effort over the election period (Sept-Oct) to help increase our social media outreach. Click here or mail to: Broadbent Institute 510-220 Laurier Ave W. Ottawa, K1P5Z9

 Download a PDF version of this letter

Download Fight for Better - PDF Letter to Unions (3) Download Fight for Better - PDF Letter to Unions (2)