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Mairin Loewen

Mairin Loewen

Mairin Loewen is the City Councillor for Ward 7, Saskatoon.

Mairin Loewen is the City Councillor for Ward 7 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  She was first elected in 2011, and re-elected in 2012 and 2016.   Mairin shares the Environmental Sustainability portfolio on Council, which includes focusing on transforming Saskatoon’s position as one of the highest emitters of greenhouse gases to a model city of innovation in energy conservation, renewables, and waste diversion. Through Council, Mairin has been involved with CUTA (Canadian Urban Transit Association) and FCM, where she has worked on standing committees on Environment, Transportation, and Women’s Participation in Municipal Politics. Mairin is a current FCM board member and has served as a member of the management board for the National Zero Waste Council.

Mairin grew up in Saskatoon and attended school there before moving to Ottawa to attend university.  She has a B.A. in Political Science (Carleton University) and an M.A. in Political Studies (University of Saskatchewan).  She has worked for the Province of Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Medical Association, and the University of Saskatchewan.

Mairin is a co-founder and board member of Girls Rock Saskatoon, and has also volunteered with CFCR Community Radio, the Open Door Society, and the Heart of the City Piano Program. Mairin lives in Ward 7 with her partner and son.