Income Inequality

Progress in the age of Trump



On April 7th, 2017, the Broadbent Institute released exclusive new polling from Stratcom, looking at Canadian opinion on economic security and levels of support for progressive policy measures. The Broadbent Institute commissioned Stratcom to research current political attitudes among Canadians on issues of inequality and economic security, and in relation to the Trump presidency.

According to the poll results, Canadians largely blame government inaction, on tax policy in particular, for inequality in Canada today and show broad support for investments in national child care, Pharmacare and more generous income assistance programs. Over 82% believe that the gap between the wealthy and everyone else is increasing, and see that as a big concern. A tax system that benefits richer Canadians, government policies that support big business, and too much power in hands of big banks were identified as key reasons for the growth of inequality. Over 80% support closing tax loopholes and cutting down on tax shelters, and introducing a new tax bracket for high income earners.
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