Democratic Renewal

Canadians back NDP’s list of priorities for the new minority government


On October 21, Canadians elected a Liberal minority government, creating the potential for the NDP to be a key player in parliament. Like all minority governments, cooperation across party lines is key, in order to fulfill policy commitments and deliver results on the issues voters care about most. Post-election, the Institute commissioned a survey conducted by Abacus Data on how Canadians feel about the cooperation that will be needed among parties and what the key priorities of this government should be, on matters of affordability. Here are the results: 

  • When asked whether voters support the Liberal and NDP working together: 
  • 41% of Canadians say they support it, while a majority can accept it and are open to the idea. 
  • Nearly 70 per cent of Liberal voters state they support both parties working together in parliament
  • The findings of the survey show that Canadians strongly support that the newly-elected minority government work to address the following priorities
  • Increase taxes on wealthy Canadians and closing tax loopholes
  • Expand healthcare to include a universal pharmacare program and a national dental care program
  • Immediate action to ensure Indigenous communities have clean drinking water, and access to healthcare and supports
  • Bold action on climate change
  • Reduce the cost of cellphone bills
  • Build half a million affordable homes

As our newly-elected Liberal government prepares to lead our next parliament, it’s important to take note that Canadians want cooperation and they are looking to the NDP to help deliver solutions.

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