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Recommendations from the Broadbent Institute on the 2018 Referendum

Democratic renewal is a key focus of the Institute. The upcoming referendum in British Columbia on proportional representation (PR) provides a historic opportunity to strengthen our democracy, improve representation, combat the growing alienation people feel from the political process, and renew public faith in our political institutions.

Here are our recommendations as to how to structure the referendum process, to successfully deliver a new voting system to British Columbians in which the composition of elected officials accurately reflects the will of the voters.


Summary of Recommendations

  • The Question: voters should be offered a simple, clear choice, single question asking whether they would like to move to a proportional representation system
  • The Process: following a successful vote, an Elections BC led, citizen-driven process should determine specific system for BC
  • The Timeline: the voting date should occur no later than end of June 2018, so as not to interfere with the municipal elections in October 2018, and to allow sufficient time for Elections BC to determine and implement the new voting system in advance of the next provincial election
  • The Money: big money should be banned from the referendum; official proponent and opponent groups should be recognized and provided funding

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