Repeal Bill C-51


"We are at a disheartening moment in federal politics. Despite all the powerful and thoughtful critiques of the government’s anti-terrorism bill, it has now become law."

– Ed Broadbent

Ed is right: C-51 is dangerous and an attack on our fundamental rights and freedoms. And now that it’s just passed the Senate, it's time to fight back and get it repealed.

Engaged citizens and civil society have proven that, with determination, we can prevail.

We must stand up for our rights and for the society we want. We must fight to repeal C-51.

Tell the leaders of the federal parties you expect them to honour the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and restore the balance at the heart of our democracy.

Tell them to reject fear and repeal C-51.

Sign this petition so that Ed can show party leaders in Ottawa that Canadians across the country care about this issue. 

Ed has pledged to deliver your signature, along with the signatures of other concerned Canadians, to party leaders. Join us as one voice against C-51!

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