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In Conversation: 'Seeking Social Democracy' Toronto Event with Ed Broadbent and Friends

The Broadbent Institute hosted the co-authors of Seeking Social Democracy: Seven Decades in the Fight for Equality, Ed Broadbent, Frances Abele, Jonathan Sas, and Luke Savage, for a lively reading and discussion on October 22nd at the Toronto Reference Library. You can watch and listen to the full discussion on the Perspectives Journal podcast and the Broadbent Institute's YouTube Page. The Institute was honoured to have Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow introduce the event, with her recent achievements as a testament to the Broadbent Principles in action.


The quartet of authors took us behind the scenes of the new book, explaining the impetus and political philosophies and principles that shape the chapters of Seeking Social Democracy that make it an unconventional take on the political biography.

Their discussion was followed by a Q&A from the attendees of the event, where Ed elaborates on his ideas and principles that have defined his political life, and responds to today’s political questions on housing, human rights, internationalism under neoliberalism and the social democratic tradition.

Read an excerpt of Seeking Social Democracylisten to our interview with Ed Broadbent on his life’s work, and order your copy of the book at