Statement by Executive Director Rick Smith on special parliamentary committee on electoral reform




OTTAWA—The Broadbent Institute welcomes the announcement on Thursday by the Minister of Democratic Institutions to support the NDP motion to reconfigure the composition of the special parliamentary committee on electoral reform to reflect how Canadians voted in the 2015 federal election.

This is a very good development and we congratulate NDP critic for democratic reform Nathan Cullen for proposing the idea and Minister Maryam Monsef for agreeing to this important change. Every voter should count in a democracy, and it would have been simply unfair to deny the voices of Green and Bloc Québecois voters on the special electoral reform committee.

It just makes sense that the special committee studying alternative voting systems reflect how Canadians actually voted. A majority of voters cast their ballot for candidates others than the Liberals -- and the special committee now reflects this reality.

We look forward to participating in the upcoming process to fix Canada’s broken electoral system and design a made-in-Canada proportional system.

For more information, please contact Sarah Schmidt, Director of Communications, sschmidt[at]broadbentinstitute[dot]ca or 613-857-2814.