Statement on NDP-Green Agreement in BC



VANCOUVER — The Broadbent Institute welcomes today’s announcement by BC NDP Leader John Horgan and BC Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver of their agreement. The Institute, Canada’s leading progressive, independent organization, recognizes this historic opportunity for British Columbians to get the meaningful change that they voted for on the May 9th provincial election.

After 16 years of regressive government, nearly 60 per cent of British Columbia voters sent a powerful message in support of the BC NDP and the BC Green Party, who have both made strong commitments to addressing inequality, strengthening public services, taking action on climate, and implementing electoral and campaign finance reform. Today’s agreement means that important issues that benefit all British Columbians will be prioritized - from childcare, to transit and housing investments, to banning big money in politics, to adopting the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People.

"This is a monumentally important agreement in Canadian politics,” said Maria Dobrinskaya, acting BC Director. “The Broadbent Institute in BC has been working for five years to bring people together with a focus on the very issues highlighted in this election. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with organizations across the province that are also seeking to support this important progressive agenda.”

The Broadbent Institute is committed to addressing income inequality, building a green economy and advancing democratic reform.


For more information, please contact Maria Dobrinskaya, [email protected] or 1-604-657-6160.