A New Day in BC



After more than a decade and a half of a punitive, regressive government, British Columbians finally have a government committed to addressing inequality, strengthening public services, taking action on climate, and cleaning up the way our democracy works.

It is the effort undertaken by so many British Columbians over the last several months (and years!) that led to this place and helped make this opportunity possible. The Broadbent Institute is proud to have been involved in doing this important work. 

From the contributions of Broadbent Institute Fellows in the discussions leading up to and during the election, to our impactful research highlighting urgent priorities and informing the policy debate, the Broadbent Institute has been on the front lines. We offered media commentary aimed at shifting right-wing narratives. We convened bright political minds and encouraged big thinking -- both last fall at Progress Summit BC and this past January to hear John Horgan’s vision for taking action on climate.

And now here we are, with an enormous amount of work still ahead, and an incredible number of things to look forward to.

Across the country, the Broadbent Institute is engaged in a project to Change the Game, to rethink and renew social democracy, to challenge us all to think about how we can win the fight against the toxic politics that are so prevalent. We are looking at the successes and challenges of the past, in order to build the best possible path forward, to reconsider what successful social democracy in the 21st century looks like. 

In BC, we have a historic opportunity to see - and help make - that happen in real time. 

A universal and accessible childcare system. The implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Taking big money out of politics. Moving to a more fair and representative voting system. Any one of these issues would change the game for people - and for politics - in British Columbia. Combined, these issues, and the many other commitments the new government has made, will be transformational.

We are so encouraged and excited about what’s possible, and we look forward to continuing our work together, to make these dreams a reality.