Steps Must Be Taken to Nationalize Pharmaceutical Production in Canada

We’ve lost so much due to Canada’s misguided embrace of privatization in recent years, but one loss that sticks out with particular rawness these days is the sale of Connaught Labs, our once-dazzling publicly-owned pharmaceutical company.

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The Institute's Katrina Miller discusses our latest report on the case for a Canadian Wealth Tax

The Institute's Program Director, Katrina Miller, was on yesterday's Danielle Smith Show to discuss the Institute's latest report, Multi-Millionaires and Fair Taxes: The Case for a Wealth Tax. The segment dives into the report and dispels myths about the Wealth Tax. Listen and share here.

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COVID-19, Canadians with disabilities, and the need for major reforms

Going forward, it is time the federal government be responsible for providing an adequate income security program for Canadians with disabilities, while enabling the provinces to invest in an affordable and safe supply of personal supports and care services. As a society, we’ve determined that seniors and children aren’t expected or required to participate in the labour market, paving the pathway for federal programs like the Canada Child Benefit and the Canada Pension Plan. In a post-COVID-19 future, individuals with severe disabilities should be part of this group.

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An Electoral System for All


Democracy in Canada is at a critical juncture. The Liberal government has committed to moving beyond our firstpast-the-post (FPTP) electoral system and replacing it with something better suited to democracy in the 21st century.

In fact, during the 2015 election, the Liberal Party promised that it would be the last election conducted under the current system. This means that Canadians now have an opportunity that few in this country have genuinely had before: We can help decide how members of Parliament are elected. Moreover, we can choose a system that will serve and represent Canadians fairly and equally while better engaging them in the political process. And that’s a system based on proportional representation.