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The Broadbent Institute and SFU’s School of Public Policy Co-Hosting Panel of Top Strategists on Historic Alberta Election

Vancouver—The Broadbent Institute and the Simon Fraser University School of Public Policy are pleased to co-host Beyond the Headlines: Learning from the Historic Alberta Election on June 1.

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The Broadbent Institute launches Stand up for Progress National Tour featuring Harry Leslie Smith

Author of acclaimed book Harry’s Last Stand inspires Canada’s young progressive activists

OTTAWA—The Broadbent Institute is pleased to announce the launch of the Stand up for Progress National Tour featuring Harry Leslie Smith as the country gears up for a fall federal election.

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In cutting federal deficit, Harper covers his ears

John Ibbitson / Globe and Mail

Was it wrong for the Harper government to balance the budget this year? That depends on whether we have become as conservative as the Prime Minister thinks we are.

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Conservative government’s inequality budget hands billions to wealthiest families

OTTAWA—The 2015-16 federal budget contains costly measures that will exacerbate economic inequality and see billions flow to Canada’s wealthiest families while leaving the majority of Canadians with no benefit at all, says the Broadbent Institute.

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Broadbent Institute Executive Director Rick Smith available to comment on 2015-16 budget


OTTAWA—Executive Director Rick Smith will be in Ottawa to react to the 2015-16 federal budget. The budget is widely expected to contain measures that will exacerbate economic inequality, including family income splitting and the doubling of TFSA contribution limits.

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Report disputes Harper’s record on jobs

Dana Flavelle / Toronto Star

Unemployment is higher, job quality is mixed and there is evidence pay inequality has increased under the Harper government, according to a report to be published Wednesday.

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Tax-free savings plan contribution limit to double, Oliver suggests

Les Whittington / Toronto Star

OTTAWA—A confidential letter from Finance Minister Joe Oliver all but confirms that his April 21 budget will double the contribution limit for the government’s popular tax-free savings vehicle.

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Courting young, progressive voters

David McGrane / Winnipeg Free Press

Several studies have established that young Canadians have lower rates of voting compared with older Canadians. But little research has looked at the question: Do young Canadians display different political attitudes than older Canadians?

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Like Manning, Broadbent finds new life as thought leader

L. Ian MacDonald / iPolitics

Ed Broadbent on the left, as Preston Manning has on the right, has not only re-invented himself as a thought leader, he too has created a think tank that is a valuable source of ideas and public discourse.

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Progressives united, but who gets their vote?

Tim Harper / Toronto Star

The good news for the body politic in this country is that it is now flying on two wings.

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