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Ed Broadbent on the battle for Indigenous rights - Section 35 - in the charter

Ed Broadbent reflects on the "intellectual battle" he had with Pierre Trudeau over social and economic rights, the notion of liberal civil individual rights vs collective rights, and how that...

Anand Giridharadas on building power and political demand, and making the most of this moment

Speaking as part of our 2021 Summit Series, Anand Giridharadas breaks down the role – the power – that the public has to build political demand, and how critical this...

Nahanni Fontaine on embracing uncomfortable truths for healing, reclamation and strength

Manitoba MLA Nahanni Fontaine reflects on her personal journey and continuing fight for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, and the values that drive her political activism.

Ed Broadbent on the key values of social democracy

Ed Broadent outlines the key values of social democracy – equality and liberty – and explains why equality is such a defining value, and fundamental goal, for social democrats. 

Anand Giridharadas on the opportunity to reimagine the social contract

Speaking as part of our 2021 Summit Series, Anand Giridharadas reflects on the generational opportunity we have to remake our society in the wake of the pandemic, the massive transformation...

Ed Broadbent on the importance of hope in the struggle

Ed Broadbent reflects on the difference between hope and optimism and the critical importance of hope in the struggle for justice.

Waubgeshig Rice on using the written word to bridge cultural gaps

Waubgeshig Rice talks about the moment he realized journalism could be a viable career for him as an Indigenous person. He tells the story of how a student exchange program...

Sandy Hudson on her journey from skeptic to organizer

Sandy Hudson talks about the moment she realized she had the power to change the world. She describes her first experience organizing as a university student and the taste of...

LaTosha Brown on the four Vs

Speaking at the 2021 Progress Summit, LaTosha Brown talks about the possibilities of stepping into our power. She outlines her four Vs and reminds us that the ultimate prize is moving...

Natan Obed on Indigenous justice

Natan Obed is President of the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami.