The Gig Economy

Award-winning journalist Sara Mojtehedzadeh, in conversation with labour researcher, Chuka Ejeckam, will examine the gig economy, and the policies that have made essential workers vulnerable. Sara will share what she’s learned in the process of producing her 6-episode podcast series Hustled, and her insights about how to overcome the structural inequalities for workers.

In this pandemic, while many salaried workers maintain stable employment and the ability to work from home, essential workers are on the front lines, often in unsafe conditions, not knowing if or when their next shift will come. Workers in the gig economy - whether in grocery retail, health care, cleaning, or food services - face unregulated working conditions, and insufficient and unreliable income. COVID-19 has laid bare how gig workers have been made vulnerable.

What policy and political choices created this situation? Who is most impacted? What changes are needed? Join us for this topical discussion about precarious work and how we realize the demand for safe and decent work for everyone.

This is a free convening as part of our 2020 Digital Convening Series

July 14, 2020 at 1:00pm - 2pm