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From the Desk of Ed Broadbent: Holiday Message

Greetings Friends,

It’s been a long year.

As we head into the holiday season, I hope that you are well, and that your loved ones are healthy and safe. My thoughts are with you, and all of those who have been affected by the worst of this health and economic crisis.

Like you, I’m hopeful for a better 2021! I’m hopeful for a vaccine. And I’m very hopeful that, working together, we can ensure the recovery from COVID results in a fairer, greener and more caring society.

Of course, the victory of our American friends in taking their country back from the Trump nightmare has lifted some of the pall most of us have been feeling. But all this year, progressives have been working across Canada and around the world to win important victories – big and small – for people and communities.

I’m proud to say the Broadbent Institute has been at the forefront of the struggle to build a better Canada. We have applied pressure through hard-hitting advocacy at key moments to make a real difference.

And since the pandemic began in March we’ve produced and published dozens of policy pieces in response through a variety of mechanisms including; a COVID19 Resources and Responses website, national polling research on the recovery Canadians need and want, and the Essential Solutions Project which has published timely policy reports and practical recommendations.

The Leadership and Training programs here at the Institute have also been in full gear since the pandemic began, making sure activists and community members have the tools they need to organize in a digital space. One such tool we developed was the Digital Convening Series to bring Canadians together in conversation; a multi-part live policy discussion platform for progressives to share ideas in meeting the challenges of our new pandemic reality. Those videos are now available online for everyone to enjoy.

As well, our journalistic website PressProgress established the COVID19 Special Investigations project, to hold the powerful to account. This investigative news series has continuously published stories throughout the year daylighting some of the worst political and business decisions affecting Canadians. Many of these news stories have resulted in public scrutiny, positive changes in direction, and better outcomes for those who would have been affected.

It’s been a lot to take in. And, we want to make sure that you don’t miss any of the work we’ve produced on topics such as; healthcare, pharmacare, basic income, climate change, the economy and so much more.

In fact, we’ve published more work this year than any other in our history!

It’s thanks to supporters who have been so generous, who have made donations, helping to build this organization and produce such high quality work. When Jack Layton and I first envisioned the Broadbent Institute, I never thought within 10 years we would have grown so much, and have had such an impact on the Canadian political landscape.

Remember how different the political landscape was back in 2011. Harper got his majority. Sun News was still on TV. The Fraser Institute was in full throttle, and the conservative movement had never been so coordinated. But we had hope things could change.

The timing was overdue for an organization like ours to enter the scene and disrupt their plans for a national conservative takeover. Thank you for sharing in our success and growth over the past few years.

I’m pleased to announce throughout 2021, we’ll be celebrating our 10th Anniversary and offering our supporters many ways to get involved to continue making positive change in communities across Canada.

In the coming year, we’ll be looking back to recognize and celebrate some of our successes. We’ll also be looking forward to the future with some special events and major announcements - Including the launch of our brand new Ambassadors Program!

Starting in 2021 our Friends of Progress monthly PAC donors will be invited to access new engagement opportunities and privileges through our “Ambassadors” website login portal.

This new powerful organizing tool will be made available to you and all monthly donors and leadership training participants through our stewardship team at our head office. More specific details will be made available soon.

With this in mind, and in recognition of the invaluable work of the Broadbent Institute on behalf of Canadians over the past ten years, I’m asking you to consider making a special year-end contribution to the work of the Institute with a monthly gift of $5, or $10, or even $15 per month. Any amount you think would help.

As a Friend of Progress you will be automatically entitled to access our Ambassador’s outreach and leadership program in 2021 - you’re going to love it!

From all of us at the Broadbent Institute, I wish you and your loved ones all the very best this holiday season.

Warmest wishes,